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Pedroli Law is civil litigation, civil rights violations, wrongful death and major injury, fiduciary litigation, trust and estate contests, trust fund malfeasance, trustee removal, special counsel investigations, commercial and business litigation, trade secret protection, appellate practice, and advocating on behalf of individuals who were defrauded or otherwise injured by unsafe people, conditions or products. Mr. Pedroli is particularly well known for tenacious representation, including taking on big corporate and government interests. Often quoted, sometimes cited, Mr. Pedroli has engaged in high-profile litigation against both corporations and governments. No defendant is too big or powerful for Pedroli Law and no plaintiff is too small. Mr Pedroli is the Founder of the “Sunshine and Government Accountability Project” which sues governments for torts and lack of transparency, including a nationally known litigation against the Missouri Governor’s office for the use of burner app Confide, and various other lawsuits against government entities for hiding public records, negligence resulting in pretrial incarceration deaths, and unreasonable high speed police chases or police pursuits. When the government needs to held responsible, the Government Accountability Project and Pedroli Law lead the field. Mark Pedroli, pictured below with Governor Hutchinson, won Pedroli Law's first state Supreme Court case creating new law and the most forward-looking law in the nation protecting victims of electronic data theft. Mr. Pedroli briefed and argued the case in his role as Special Litigation Counsel for one of the fastest growing data intelligence and marketing advisory firms in the United States. 

Mr. Pedroli lived and worked in Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Japan and Malaysia before he graduated from Washington University School of Law. Mr. Pedroli possesses a wide variety of skills and knowledge he brings to your litigation and counseling matters. Mark Pedroli practiced international business before he became an attorney, and he has also studied several languages, and has conversational proficiency in Mandarin Chinese.

     Mr. Pedroli brings real world experience to the legal practice. He represents seriously hurt, defrauded, and otherwise harmed individuals, business owners, and even New York Stock Exchange board members in a variety of matters ranging from tort litigation, general business counsel, business litigation, and trust and estate or fiduciary litigation. In 2016,


Areas of Practice:

•Trade Secrets
• Foreign Representation

• Strategic Counsel
• Political Strategy

• Business Litigation  
• Trust and Estate Litigation  
• Land Use  
• Fraud and Injury
• Private Trust and Public Government Audits



     Mr. Pedroli is admitted to practice in the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth, Sixth, and Eighth Circuits. Pedroli Law has litigated in a variety of jurisdictions outside of Missouri, including Illinois, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Ohio and Virginia. Pedroli Law can help you manage your litigation in any state. Mr. Pedroli has wide experience in complex trust and estate litigation, representing both grantors and beneficiaries alleging breach of trust and breach offiduciary duties.

     Pedroli Law also counsels in political strategy, political campaigns, including pro bono work in the public interest.




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Pedroli Law offers legal and business consulting, including travel and in-person representation, for clients desiring or currently doing business in the Pacific Rim. Founder Mark Pedroli is proficient in the cultures of Asia and has maintained a wide variety of local and expat contacts throughout the region.


Pedroli Law has handled federal and state litigation, including arbitration and appellate work, on behalf of clients in Missouri, Illinois, California, Connecticut, Arkansas, Virginia and Ohio.

STATE and local

Pedroli Law, based in St. Louis Missouri, counsels and handles litigation in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, Kansas City and throughout Missouri.


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